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Yongnuo RF560-TX Transmitter

I was thinking and thinking about a Pocket Wizard, hey it seams to be the industry standard. Well, do I use it because everyone else is? Or do I find something that helps me do what I need?

What do I need to do? You see, not all my shots afford the luxury of setting up and lighting the set before models/subjects show up. Case in point, a walking/exploring shooting.

I travel with a bag of six (6) speedlights and a lot of gels. I may shoot my subject in front of a diffused window from afar, and I think, "hey, lets put some colored light behind the window" This will give it the look of an electronic sign outside.

I don't want to shoot, check the shot, then run over to the speedlight, adjust, run back to my spot, and repeat.

So I use a transmitter that allows me to adjust the power and lens zoom of my flashes remotely.

I found several on but I wanted it to work with my existing speedlights, and I waited and I waited, and it finally got released. Link to the: YN560-TX

The YN560-TX allows me to even turn flashes on/off (actually, just trigger or not trigger a speedlight). This nice little TX handles 6 groups, A - F, I can set each speedlight to its own group, or I can double up.

Yongnuo YN560 TX

Mike Bradley

Author: Mike Bradley

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