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What hammer did you use?

We have all see a great piece of furniture and houses, but we never ask what screwdriver or hammer they used, we don't care.


Far too often we ask what camera someone used because we think its the camera that made a great photo. Its actually the photographer who spotted, framed, chose exposure, developed and cropped the photo to give use what we see. And that photographer chose a camera that can help him achieve their photography goals.

I myself am always curious as I am a technical guy, and I am interested in how a tool can help person.

A good tool, a camera, can help you achieve great results, but it is you who must know how to use the tool.

Here is an example: If I gave the average person a Nikon D3100 (crop sensor dslr) and a Pentax 645z (medium format digital), there is a good chance that the pictures they take with either camera are going to look the same.

Its all about the right tool for the the job. If your going to go shoot a football game, a Nikon D4s would allow you to shoot almost anything you wanted to in that event. A Pentax 645z would fail horribly.

Mike Bradley

Author: Mike Bradley

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