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The first time I clicked a shutter

The first time I clicked a shutter was back in 1975, when I was home alone (I happen to be about 4 years old, so not sure why I was home alone) and I found a Kodak Brownie in my uncles room, I picked it up, and took a picture of myself in the mirror.


I do wish I had a copy of that picture, I can still see it in my mind, it was funny, I denied doing it too....

I still remember my grandmother teaching me how to load this roll film camera. She later bought me one of my own. I guess this was my introduction to medium format. I was rather lucky that I was able to play with these cameras, considering they were discontinued by the 1960's, 15 years prior to me using one.


If you have never had a chance to load film, either roll, or sheet, I just cant explain the experience to you... unless maybe you are an X-Ray tech, as that is large format sheet film.

Later when I entered elementary school, I had a new camera, the infamous, Kodak 110... but thats a whole story in its self....

Mike Bradley

Author: Mike Bradley

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