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Sunwayfoto - DRH-70, Fake or drop in quality?

Update 1/21/2014: I have to give credit to Sunwayfoto, they have gone the extra mile, looked into the issue, adjusted their design and shipped me a new unit. I am most impressed with the communication back and forth between Sunwayfoto and myself and how they were interested to hear my thoughts and work toward making a quality product.

Update 11/20/2014: Sunwayfoto has looked into the matter, and I am in communication with the appropriate people, and this has not been passed to the wayside.

I will keep everyone posted with the outcome on this matter.


I bought a new Sunwayfoto DRH-70 Focus Handle today, well, 2 days ago, I used Amazon Prime to get it today.

Sunwayfoto DRH-70 Back - Fake?

It came in a nice new box, had an official looking seal on it too... But when I opened it, I immediately noticed a difference in surface finish as well as markings looked different. I went to my bag and grabbed my other two focus handles, and compared, this is what I found:

Compared to the other two (which I bought two month apart from each other)

  • Surface finish is rough, almost a matte finish, vs a smooth finish of other I have
  • Part markings are thicker and not as clear
  • Manufacturing finish is different, existing two have a spun finish (a stainless magnetic material used to post finish and debur)
  • Screws are lower quality, cheap rough edged vs chamfered heads on existing units
  • Handle is different profile, no longer using same design
  • Tolerance from hole and mount are extremely poor, handle wiggles very badly in thread
  • Part designs are not consistent as beveled and radiused edges were added
  • No lubricant/grease in thread hole for smooth handle threading/motion
  • Part number marking are no on back on unit

I tried to use this on one of my lenses dedicated for cinema use, however, it is rendered unusable due to the handle threads being so far out of tolerance that it has so much free play in it.

Sunwayfoto DRH-70 - Back - Fake?

So, I have emailed Sunwayfoto with a request for comment, so stat tuned...

Update: 11/12/2014

Sunwayfoto has replied to my email, (Thank you Sunwayfoto, it is very appreciated) and it appears to have traveled up to their CEO, and they are looking into the matter.

Snippet of their email: Regarding to the quality problem you found,we have submitted them to our quality and engineer ,and production department.

We will immediately investigate this matter. Any new progress with it, i will send the information to you. Don't worry, we will help you to deal with this matter for you.

Please stay tuned for more info....

Mike Bradley

Author: Mike Bradley

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