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StylePull CEO Josh Dubinsky willingly infringing on Copyright

StylePull Copyright Infringement. As a Fashion and Runway photographer, I make my living selling my photos to designers. Designers buy my photos so they can show their line, show their walks, show and promote themselves.

Well, I found a 80 of my runway photos on, I contacted them, and the source that gave them the photos. Turns out it was an honest mistake, and I accepted that, but this is where it begins; the willful infringement.

Now the part that is not appreciated. The CEO, Josh Dubinsky spoke with me on the phone, I explained that I earn a living from my works, and I do not shoot for them, and they are using my images as the core of their website.

A designer no longer has to purchase my images as they are available on StylePull, a site dedicated to promoting designers and their line. StylePull allows photographers, stylists, makeup artists to contact the designers through the StylePull website.

As you can see, they are benefiting from my works, 80 of them. Ok, back to the point, the images ended up their as an accident, however the CEO (Josh Dubinsky) gave excuses, saying they can not pull the images down as they have social interactions tied to them. Well, this just reinforces their dependency on my photos of which they are infringing on my copyright.

I asked they be taken down immediately or properly compensate me. The reply was "how about a photo credit", this was turned down, as I don't shoot for free, and not willing to build their business for them.

The bottom line, this guy (Josh Dubinsky) just made excuses, and was now willingly infringing on my copyright, saying these were the images given to them, and they believe the images were free and clear to use. Ok, if thats true, so be it, but at this point in time, it is now known these images are mine, and they are not allowed to use them. I kept getting brushed off as not their fault that they are continuing to use them.

It wasn't to I consulted legal council and drafted a demand letter to have my images removed in the next 24hrs did I see any action taken by StylePull.

As a photographer, this is how I earn my living. Think for a moment, you invest into your tools (my cameras), invest your time, then someone steals and uses the products of your labor to build and promote their business. But offers to just give you credit for your work. You don't get to eat that night, you don't get to pay your rent/mortgage, you lose business, and your reputation is harmed.

In closing, I say this; Beware photographers, designers, stylists, promoters, the bad practices of this company are not in the fashion communities best interest, and only exists to serve themselves off the backs of everyone only to be an access gateway to designers.


Mike Bradley

Author: Mike Bradley

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