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Shot Framing

lynn-luu-profile.jpg Some say, cropping in post is lazy, you should frame your shot in camera. Well, yes and no I say, but the internet is full of why yes, so I am going to talk about why no.

For me, 70% of my shots are self funded, that is, I am paying my models and my makeup artist out of pocket, and then I try to sell the photos after the fact.

Now since I do not know where the photos will be used, or how they are going to be used, it helps to shoot a little wider.

Here is an example, go take your favorite shot, the one you feel is best, framing, look, and feel. Now try and set that as your facebook header image, and guess what, all the important parts are cut off.

By shooting 36mp, and leaving room all around the shot, I can crop in post to best fit the destination of the image.

Take this profile image for example, it is Square, 180x180, thats what most social media sites use, and I was able to crop it out of the original shot. If I had shot this more close up / framed tighter, it would have still produced a great profile pic, but I would have limited its use, it would never be able to be used/sold for anything but a square shot.

I cant tell you how how many website photographers I have run across that still cant shoot for the masthead. Before you frame for a shot, ask yourself, does this shot lend it self for wide, or tall? If it doesn't matter, then dont worry about it. There is no right or wrong, thus I say yes and no.

Here is the original shot: lynn-luu-framing-sizes.jpg

There is plenty of room for me to crop this photo and use as a website header, twitter header, website ad, etc...

Here are the examples:

Website header: lynn-luu-website-header.jpg

Header used on this website: lynn-luu-bokehblog-header.jpg

Facebook header: lynn-luu-facebook-header.jpg

Twitter header: lynn-luu-twitter-header.jpg

Website Ad: lynn-luu-website-ad.jpg

Mike Bradley

Author: Mike Bradley

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