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Nikon D810

I got a call on July 17th, 2014.... Hey Mike we have a Nikon D810 here reserved for you if you want it, let us know.....

Holly cow, it was release day, and I didn't even pre-order.... (sorry, cant tell you who was nice to hold one for me) Needless to say, I said "Yes! I want it.... I will be there around 5-6pm."


I just happen to get a call from one of my friends, who is also a model, and she asked what I was up to today? I said nothing, but I have to go pick up the D810... She said, lets go shoot!

We just went to starbucks, grabbed coffee, then picked up the camera, then went to a spot in DTLA and we shot these pics (with the Sigma 50mm|Art)

First shoot with the Nikon D810 and Ariss

Ariss Shot with Nikon D810, Sigma 50mm

All said and done, I do like the D810 very much, but its just a minor improvement on the D800, and I don't really see it as two separate models. They are just to close together, and it makes no sense to buy the D800 unless you pick one up used for a great price.

Ok for those that are asking, it does have a faster frame rate, 6fps for stills, and 60fps for video, the shutter is a little softer sounding and not as loud, and it does process images a tad faster. Native ISO 64, a little higher ISO, But thats all that sticks out at the moment.

Mike Bradley

Author: Mike Bradley

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