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Nikon D4s from Adorama - FlexShopper Fail

I was price checking for the Nikon D4s, as I am trying to figure out if I should get one or not. (yes, I know I did a rant about not buying one new)

While looking, I saw a FlexShopper option on Adorama, I guess this is some kind of rent to own or finance, etc....

The page shows the camera for $253/week, see image below:


However, if you click the FlexShopper for more information, a pop up appears, to inform you this is up to $2,500 limit. Uh, the Nikon D4s is $6,500! I wonder who programmed/developed this site.


I thought I would be a nice guy and alert the person on live chat, they told me I had to contact the people at FlexShopper, and to hold, they would get me their contact info, really? I am just the customer, I said I was merely pointing this out, and they should tell someone themselves.

Update: Today, Adorama reached out to me... I am happy to see they are trying to resolve this issue, not only the mistake on website, but the mistake the customer service people have made.


Here is Adorama's link to the Nikon D4s

Mike Bradley

Author: Mike Bradley

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