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Managing your lighting controls

When I shoot with multiple speedlights or studio strobes, I like to write a few things on the flash unit; I write the White Balance and the group the flash is set to.

I write the WB so I don't have to remember it, as well as it helps me remember to set WB on my camera during setup.


On this strobe, it shows "5600K G2 5-8" what this means is:

  • 5600K = White Balance is 5600K
  • G2 = Wireless receiver set to Group 2
  • 5-8 = Power levels on this strobe are 5.0 to 8.0

When using multiple light sources, this makes it so fast and easy, I can just look over at one of my strobes, see the Group on it, and know immediately which it is.

Now I have run across some people who make the front most light group A, then B as they go in and C for the hair, etc... but I don't always light the same, and I don't want to remember.


The pic above is my FT-16 transmitter for my studio strobes, I can actually control 16 groups of lights! Yes this is sometimes needed, imagine setting up to shoot a vehicle in a 30ft wide studio! I can adjust power level, disable strobe, and even turn the modeling light on/off from this transmitter.


I also shoot with 6 speedlights, and I slap a piece of tape on them so I can quickly see which is which. When I am running duals with a modifier, such as umbrella or softbox, I will set both to the same group.


This pic above is my YN560-TX transmitter, it will allow me to control 6 groups of speedlights, adjust power, disable, even change the zoom.

So there it, thats how I manage my lights from my camera.

Mike Bradley

Author: Mike Bradley

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