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Do you have a backup camera?

backup-camera.jpg Are you a Pro Photographer and do you have a backup camera?

I was reading Nikon's facebook page today, and I read this excerpt:

My 3 month Nikon3200 Autofocus not working... After her having me reset the camera in the most uninterested tone she informs me that my camera will have to be serviced and will be returned to me in 7-10 business days depending on whether or not parts are available. I use this camera to earn a living.... Now I'm losing money over it because it's my main shooting camera.I have bought lenses, extensions and accessories geared for this camera

Honestly, if your livelihood depends on it, go get a second camera. If you are going to make the excuse you cant afford one, then I am sorry, but you will need to re-evaluate a few things, because if your not bringing in enough revenue to cover the cost of a second camera body, then how can you make a living off your work? In the case above, a new D3200 body is under $400, used under $250, far less than what they have paid for supporting lenses etc...

Now I get that some camera bodies can get expensive:

  • $2,000 Nikon D750
  • $3,000 Nikon D810
  • $6,000 Nikon D4s
  • $8,000 Pentax 645z
  • $40,000 Hasselblad H5D60

But look at it like this, if you are buying a $40,000 camera, you better be making over $200k/year in revenue with it.

I have also heard from another photographer, how he dropped his camera and cant shoot anymore, and now he can not earn any money, and doesn't know what he is going to do. Sadly, it was basically a big poor me story. If he was more serious about being a photographer, then he would have had a second body, or a plan to get a second body. BTW, I ran into this guy a year later, still only one camera body, he didn't learn his lesson.

If you are a Professional Photographer, I don't mean starting out, I am referring to one who makes his/her living shooting, then you MUST, 100% OWN A BACKUP CAMERA!

I personally have a Nikon D810 as my main camera, Nikon D800 as my backup, a D7100 for reach with long lenses, and a D3100 as a BTS camera. When I am at an event, both the D810 and D800 are slung to me. When I am shooting a fashion show, the D800 is right there next to me.

I make part of my living shooting with these camera, so I have a backup camera. Its not just events, I had an on location shoot that I put together, and had 2 models in makeup, and my camera would not auto focus, this was a night scene, so manual focus was not going to happen, I reached in my bag, swapped out the D810 for the D800, and done, I got the shot and didnt have to scrap the shoot.

Mike Bradley

Author: Mike Bradley

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