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Cheapie Light Stands

There are several reasons we buy cheap equipment, sometimes its cost, or its a starting point to see what we really need, or to the point of this article, because it can be disposable.

Disposable? Yes... but I do not mean we are going to throw it away.

I own a several light stands, from cheapies, (under $10) to expensive (over $100) and I use all of them. Do I favor some over others, of course I do.

However, when I need to improvise on location (or in the studio) and say tape a light stand to a tree branch, or shove one deep in the mud, I can assure you I will NOT be reaching for my more expensive light stands.

If you have a $10 light stand, then that is the one you reach for, you take it, tape it to a tree, shove it in the mud, or break it and use just the center post as a monopod for a flash for the assistant to hold overhead in X-Games style sports photography.

Here is an example of $10 light stand on Amazon:

Link to Amazon: 7 ft Top Quality Light Stand



Mike Bradley

Author: Mike Bradley

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