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Behind the scenes with Seira Vong

Got a last minute call from one of my models, Seira Vong, she had just finished a shoot and wanted to know if I wanted to do a quick shoot. Of course I said YES! She headed right over with her friend, and I txt my friend Abraham.

We jumped in the car, and headed to DTLA, what were we going to shoot? We had no idea, but we went and this is what we got.

Here we are, discussing the shot a little bit, talking about the sequence. Some were long exposures, with rear curtain sync, and Seira had to hold really still for 5 to 15 seconds, then the stobes would pop right before shutter close.


Here we are taking the shot, I yell ready, she yell ready, I count, 1,2,3, shutter open..... flash pop, and done.

We actually turned on one of the speedlights full power with a battery pack, zoomed the head to 105mm and pointed it down the tunnel to light it some to avoid a black hole, and to make it look like headlights.


And here is one of the shots:


Then we went gorilla style, and jumped in the street. This was a little tougher, always be very careful and mindful of your talent, try to get everything setup before you shoot. Luckily Abraham helped me out here, he would run to spot, I would frame, test expose, and he would move all my flash stands around.

We also taped some filters onto the speedlights as well for a little traffic looking red lighting.

This time, I am firing the flash from my hand instead of rear curtain, and I need to have Seira not playing in traffic, so I need to pop the strobes when traffic clears and she is in position.


And one of our shots:


  • Model: Seira Vong, find her on Instagram as: seiravxoxo_
  • Moral Support: Lala (Seira's friend)
  • Behind the scenes photo credit: Abraham, find him on Instagram as: swellyrides
  • Photographer: Michael Bradley, aka me
Mike Bradley

Author: Mike Bradley

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