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Ballhead on Monopod

There is a debate about using Ballheads with Monopods. To be honest, its just up to you, and what works best for you, try both and use what you like.

Manfrotto 494RC2 Ball Head

For me, I like Ballheads, it allows me to move more natural, and swing my camera around as I need it, instead of me circling around my monopod.


So this is a shot of the typical usage of a monopod. As you can see, monopod is nearly straight up, but the ballhead allows me to move forward and back more comfortably and be able to move around on a crowded riser.

No here is when it really helped me, I was shooting a bicycle event, where they closed down Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, and there were bikes on both sides of the street. I planted myself in the middle of the street in the center divider, and needed to be able to shoot in 360 degrees of freedom.

While I had my stance facing one way, I could really fast turn twist my body, and not worry about the monopods position.


So for me, having a ballhead on a monopod just makes me more agile, and happier.

So what should you use? I say try both, use what you like, use what allows you to get the shot.

Here is a couple shots from the event:

Mike Bradley

Author: Mike Bradley

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