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Manfrotto MHXPRO-3WG XPRO Geared Head

My review of the Manfrotto MHXPRO-3WG XPRO Geared Head, Sadly, leave a lot to be desired. I purchased the Manfrotto...

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Pentax 645Z Review and Quirks

This is my simple review of the Pentax 645Z from my point of view. This is a tough one, this is a different animal,...

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DTLA Behind the Scenes with Jessica Weaver

I thought I would show the behind the scenes shot in DTLA with Jessica Weaver while putting the Sigma 24mm | Art lens to...

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Sigma 85mm closeup test photo

Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG Lens

Here is a quick look into the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 lens

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Nikon D4s

Why I wont purchase a NEW Nikon D4s

I do really want a Nikon D4s, just don't want to buy a new one. (Note: At this time)

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Behind the scenes with Seira Vong

A quick glimpse of a behind the scenes shoot with Seira Vong in one of the tunnels in DTLA. Luckily my friend Abraham was there to help me out and he snapped some behind the scenes shots.

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Sunwayfoto DRH-70 Back - Fake?

Sunwayfoto - DRH-70, Fake or drop in quality?

Update 1/21/2014: I have to give credit to Sunwayfoto, they have gone the extra mile, looked into the issue, adjusted their design and shipped me a new unit. I am most impressed with the communication back and forth between Sunwayfoto and myself and how they were interested to hear my thoughts and work toward making a quality product. The Sunwayfoto is either getting faked or has severely dropped in quality.

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Correct Speedlight Axis in Umbrella or Softbox

Almost every single Speedlight mount puts your speedlight in the wrong place (axis) for use with an umbrella or softbox.

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Dual Flash Setup aka Twin Speedlights

There is two reasons (maybe more) to use two speedlights on a single umbrella. Although, the second reason involves the first. This is how I setup two speedlights and why, on one umbrella with battery pack.

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Sunwayfoto - Lens Focus/Zoom Lever

Normally used for DSLR video, these things work great for zooming my lens on a monopod.

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The first time I clicked a shutter

The first picture I clicked a shutter, I just happen to take a selfie....

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Sekonic Lightmaster Pro L-478D

Do you still need a light meter with DSLR's? I didn't think so until I started using studio flashes and lots of speedlights.

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Ariss in Asian Warrior Princess

Asian Warrior Princess

This was the first shoot into the Asian Warrior Princess series.

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Yongnuo YN560 III - Speedlights

Whats in my speedlight bag? My favorite speedlight, and why.

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Yongnuo YN560 TX

Yongnuo RF560-TX Transmitter

I don't use a Pocket Wizard, just doesn't do what I need. So welcome the RF560-TX

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Cheapie Light Stands

Cheapie light stands and why you need at least one.

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Yongnuo RF-603N

How to strap an RF Receiver to your Strobe

Don't just leave your RF Receiver hanging from your strobe.

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Lighting with David Jakle at NYFA

I was invited to checkout a lighting class with David Jakle at the New York Film Academy.

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Cuc Phan Studio Shot

Shooting and Experimenting

I did a shoot with Cuc Phan to see what we could come with off the cuff.

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Retro Motorcycle

Retro Ride

A lucky shot of a Retro Motorcycle Rider

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Jennifer and the Hankook Gallardo

The Hankook Gallardo

Here is Jennifer and the Hankook Gallardo

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CicLaVia - Wilshire Blvd

A few shots from the CicLaVia on Wilshire Blvd

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Gummy Bear

A little fun with Seira Vong and some Gummy Bears

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