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DIY: How To


Shot Framing

Cropping in post does not make you lazy, it makes you productive. Shooting Hi-Res images (36mp for me) allows me to better frame in post.

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My Post Workflow

I have been asked a few times how I process my shots, so I decided to share my Post Workflow Process. From RAW image to Final Image.

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Managing your lighting controls

Just a quick glance in how I manage multiple Spedlights and Strobes from my camera. When using several lights on a shot, and you change concepts, you need to change some of the lighting, and its nice to adjust power levels or turns lights on/off right from the camera.

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Exposure: ISO, Shutter Speed, f/stop

Quick Exposure Settings

Quick, Fast, overview of Shutter Speed, f/stop, and ISO and how they all relate.

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Correct Speedlight Axis in Umbrella or Softbox

Almost every single Speedlight mount puts your speedlight in the wrong place (axis) for use with an umbrella or softbox.

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Dual Flash Setup aka Twin Speedlights

There is two reasons (maybe more) to use two speedlights on a single umbrella. Although, the second reason involves the first. This is how I setup two speedlights and why, on one umbrella with battery pack.

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Yongnuo RF-603N

How to strap an RF Receiver to your Strobe

Don't just leave your RF Receiver hanging from your strobe.

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