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Photography Talk


Exposure Triangle - Photography Exposure Explained

Working for exposure, I do not know anyone who received paid work by accepting exposure work.

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StylePull Copyright Infringement.

StylePull CEO Josh Dubinsky willingly infringing on Copyright

I Found 80 counts of copyright infringement of my photos/copyright, the CEO said couldn't pull down, and gave excuses. Beware photographers and designers, the bad practices of this company are not in the fashion communities best interest.

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Nancy Vuu Designs

Do I need a model release?

The greatest photography myths are those regarding model releases.You've probably been told that photographers need 'model releases' to sell photos of people, and a 'property releases' to sell photos of buildings.

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Medium Format vs Full Frame vs Crop Sensor

Not a technical explanantino, rather a working example of the differences between sensor sizes for Medium Format, Full Frame, and Crop Sensors, aka APS-C

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Histograms - I am not a fan

I am not a big fan of histograms. If you understand the information they really contain, its hard to correlate to exposure, if at all.

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Second Shooter Contract

It is very important to have a contract when working with a second shooter. Things can go wrong when everyone is not on the same page.

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Shooting RAW vs JPG

The long debated question, short answer, shoot what works for you. But if you want to know more, then read on for a simplified answer...

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Do you have a backup camera?

This is aimed at the Pro Photographers out there, what will you do if your camera breaks? Do you have a backup?

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Mike Bradley - Video Rig

Its not crazy for clients to ask for Rights, RAWs etc, its not.

Stop thinking its crazy for clients to ask for rights, RAWs etc, its just not. Its not about what is correct, its about what works for you, your business, and for the client. This is business, keep it that way.

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Model Release

Don't forget to get a model release! Yes, it can bite you in the end. There was once a time I shot for fun without model releases, and some of the best work I have done, I cant use.

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What hammer did you use?

Have you ever seen a really nice cabinet, or table, or house you liked? And did you ever ask or wonder, what screwdriver or hammer they used? Far too often we ask what camera someone used because we think its the camera that made a great photo.

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Street Photography

Street Photography says nothing about what your shooting just the playground your in, not a type of photography.

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Nikon D4s from Adorama - FlexShopper Fail

Adorama FlexShopper Fail - I saw an option for FlexShopper, but it was a Fail

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