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Maria Shantanova

Hasselblad or PhaseOne, choosing your medium format system.

A quick look at deciding between Hasselblad or PhaseOne medium format camera system. It's not always about the camera body. Decide based on the eco system.

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Pentax 645Z Tethered directly to Lightroom + iPad

I have tested out the Pentax 645Z tethered directly into Lightroom, and also setup an iPad for image review for anyone else who needs to see the shot.

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Pentax 645Z Review and Quirks

This is my simple review of the Pentax 645Z from my point of view. This is a tough one, this is a different animal, finding where each of my cameras is best used will be the ultimate test.

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Nikon D4s

Why I wont purchase a NEW Nikon D4s

I do really want a Nikon D4s, just don't want to buy a new one. (Note: At this time)

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The first time I clicked a shutter

The first picture I clicked a shutter, I just happen to take a selfie....

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Nikon D810

My Nikon D810....I got the call, it was waiting for me....

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